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Implications for class-room teaching & learning

  1. Do not start or at least do not overemphasize counting until children can independently identify a collection of objects up to 5. Children can use concrete objects, fingers and pictures of objects or natural collections.
  2. Emphasize one-to-one correspondence while counting. Use a lot of strings of beads for initial exercises.
  3. Never ‘recite’ numbers like a poem. It may improve children's memory but it does not have much mathematical learning value.

Some provoking questions for teachers

  1. When is 1 + 2 not equal to 3?
  2. Demonstrate the meaning of Number Sense
  3. Demonstrate the difference between Reciting and Counting
  4. When counting a pile of pencils, what do we mean when we point to a pencil and say ‘Five”?
  5. Demonstrate the meaning of the statement
    Correct Reciting of Numbers + One To One Correspondence = Counting

Contributed by S Sundaram

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