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Growing Chillies

The project can include the following:

1. Procure chilli seeds (can be more than one variety so that the plants can be compared )
2. Plant seed in a nursery
3. Observe the seeds germinate, both in and out of soil
4. Estimate the percentage of seeds that germinate
5. Take care of the seedlings and observe what factors help the seedlings thrive
6. Prepare beds for transplanting seedlings or choose to thin the seedlings if the nursery site is well prepared
7. Transplant or thin seedlings
8. Care for the plants and observe the growth phase
9. Look out for and observe pests and disease in plants
10. Maintain a progress chart of the growth and record parameters such as the height of plant, branching pattern, time of flowering, number of flowers, number of fruits, and time for ripening.

Additionally, interactions with local farmers and agriculture department officials can be organised to get information about the varieties, economic importance and farming practices.

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