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The Paper Aeroplane Book [269 KB]
Seymour Simon; Illustrated by Byron Barton
What makes paper aeroplanes soar and plummet, loop and glide? Why do they fly at all? This book shows how to make them and explains why they do things they do. Making paper aeroplanes is fun and by following the author’s step-by-step instructions and doing the simple experiments he suggests, one can also discover what makes a real aeroplane fly. By trying out the different designs, one can easily learn about the principles of flight.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Pumps from the Dump [775KB]
Suresh Vaidyarajan & Arvind Gupta; Illustrations by: Avinash Deshpande
“Making pumps will bring great joy; For each of them is a working toy; Play with them and get a feel; What's a valve and what's a seal.” Here are some ways of making pumps from easily available materials.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

The Story of Physics [3.60 MB]
T. Padmanabhan, Illustrations: Keith Francis, Redrawn by Avinash Deshpande
A comic book style rendering of the story of physics till the 1980s.
Arvind Gupta

Preparation For Understanding Helping children to discover order in the world around them [1.08MB]
Text by Keith Warren; Drawings by Julia Warren
Before children can understand a thing, they need experience: seeing, touching, hearing, tasting, smelling; choosing, arranging, putting things together, taking things apart. Experimenting with real things. This book is particularly a preparation for understanding Science and helps children discover the patterns and arrangements of the world around them by using their hands, senses and minds.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

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