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Understanding Children – An Introduction to Psychology for African Teachers [427KB]
J. S. Lawes and C. T. Eddy
Psychology, even that section of it which is relevant to teaching, is a large subject; in this small book the authors hope to arouse an interest in it on the part of students and teachers, resulting in further study of children, and organized reading. Their aim is threefold. First, and most important, to establish in the reader the attitude of regarding children as individuals, each with his own characteristics and problems, resulting from differences of heredity and environment. Secondly, to provide a background of knowledge, to help in the understanding of pupils’ learning and behaviour. Thirdly, to stimulate the teacher to observation, enquiry, and thought, rather than passive acceptance, either of traditional classroom procedures, or of the content of this book. Though the title says that the book is for African teachers, it is equally relevant to understanding children anywhere.

EnTYREly Fun Playgrounds [4.72MB]
James A. Jolley; Illustrations by Vishwas Thoke
In EnTYREly Fun Playgrounds, James A. Jolley shows, through the simple use of old discarded tires, how a little initiative and imagination can go a long way to providing safe stimulating places for children to interact with all the elements of their environment. In the case of children where “through play” they make sense of their constantly evolving and changing world it becomes even more important to give them positive messages of how they are viewed in the larger community. By giving them rich and varied environments that allows them to explore their own innate potentials as individuals, and as a group, the message that they receive is one of concern and respect. A respect that is returned to the good of society by an adjusted and secure member of that society.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

The Way It Spozed To Be [160 KB]
James Herndon
This is an account of one year’s work of Mr. Herndon, a new teacher in a metropolitan ghetto school that can be described as having 99 percent "deprived," and 100 percent chaotic students. As a new teacher, he had to grapple with attitudinal problems and low motivation in his students, most of whom could hardly read or be disciplined enough to attempt reading. All he had as a strategy was to ignore the well accepted school practices and discover his own methods that did finally yield results, albeit towards the year end. The book tells how the educational bureaucracy, the schools, and life itself in our big cities are all rigged against students who can't take it--the ones we call deprived.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

When I am Little Again and The Child's Right to Respect [801 KB]
Janusz Korczak, Translated by E.R Kulawiec
Children care little for consequences. They live each minute completely without a thought about what will happen next. Hence they are without care. Conflicts occur when adults want them to be careful. To think of consequences (which children are not capable of). Now who should resolve this conflict? Janusz Korczak strives to bring home this issue and uses a very interesting device to view the school again from the eyes of a child and makes many observations which should make adults feel guilty. He is a fine champion of the rights of the child. He practised what he recommended and gave up his life, literally, for children - an inspiring life.

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