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Downloadable books

Joy of Learning - Handbook of Environmental Education Activities (For standard 6 to 8 school children) [792 KB]
Developed by Centre for Environmental Education
The book is a fine collection of enjoyable activities in environmental studies for both students and teachers to explore their environment together.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Concerning Animals and Other Matters [1.2 MB]
Edward Hamilton Aitkin
EHA's keen observation and deep knowledge of the animals is presented thematically in this book, as usual in a highly readable style together with a rich haul of insights into the animal life.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

The Common Birds of India [130 KB]
Edward Hamilton Aitkin
In this book, EHA’s vivid description of birds helps one to easily recognise them when encountered. With an intimate knowledge of birds, EHA picks out for mention the special characteristics of each one of them and drives home his point with unforgettable phrases.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

The Insect Man [425 KB]
Eleanor Doorly
This book, intended for young and lively-minded children, has the purpose of providing them an opportunity to share the intense interest and delight of Jean Henri Fabre, an extraordinary man with an astonishing zeal to unravel the mysteries of the insect world. This is a tale of how the Yew Tree children went to France to hear the story of Jean Henri Fabre in the places where he lived and to see the homes of some of the insects whose life-story he has written.

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