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The Wheel on the School [154 KB]
Meindert DeJong
This is a story of the efforts put in by a set of six school children, of course with help from the entire village, to get the migratory storks to nest in their village. Devoid of trees and all houses with sloping roofs, putting up wheels on rooftops is the only way to attract birds. But what if a spare wheel is not readily available and the nesting time fast approaching?
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Idgah [23.7 KB]
Munshi Premchand and translated by Kushwant Singh
A heart warming story of four year old Hamid who visits the Idgah fair and displays a sensibility much beyond his age when he chooses to buy a pair of tongs for his grandmother instead of toys and sweetmeats like other children.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Jolly Family [157 KB]
Nikolai Nosov
This is a story of how two boys set out to make an incubator for hatching eggs and the pains they took for all of 21 days in monitoring the incubator's temperature and tending to the eggs. Would their efforts pay off? Would the eggs hatch? While the book is simply appealing to anyone, teachers would find it much more than just a story.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Sarah, Plain and Tall [37 KB]
Patricia MacLachlan
Mrs. MacLachlan has always had a keen interest in families and children. She believes that books affect lives, especially children's lives, because children have a genuine belief in the truth of stories. True to her belief, Sarah, Plain and Tall is a charming story of family bondage and love.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

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