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King of Children - Biography of Janusz Korczak [373KB]
Betty Jean Liffton
Janusz Korczak believed that within each child burned a moral spark that could vanquish the darkness at the core of human nature. A children’s writer and a doctor who decided that he would rather be a doctor of the soul, Korczak was a careful researcher and a great pedagogue contributing immensely to the understanding of child development. UNESCO declared 1978-79 the Year of Korczak, to coincide with the Year of the Child and the centenary of his birth.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Letter To A Teacher [104KB]
By The Schoolboys of Barbiana; Translated by Nora Rossi and Tom Cole
Eight young Italian boys from the mountains outside Florence wrote this passionate and eloquent book. Simple and clearly, with some devastating statistical analysis of the Italian education system, they set out to show the ways in which attitudes towards class, behaviour, language and subject-matter militates against the poor. They describe too, the reforms they propose, and the methods they use in their own school - the School of Barbiana, started under the guidance of a parish priest.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Miseducation [221 KB]
David Elkind
Demonstrating the real difference between the mind of a pre-school child (how it works) and that of a school-age child, the author clearly shows how much young children can and do learn when they are presented with developmentally appropriate parenting practices and education. Early miseducation - attempting to teach the wrong things at the wrong time - can cause permanent damage to a child’s self-esteem. By blocking natural gifts and potential talents in the child, miseducation results in a loss of the positive attitude needed for learning.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Art: The Basis of Education [5.02 MB]
Devi Prasad
Covering all the aspects of teaching art to children, the author, a teacher of great eminence, presents in this book, his experiences at Sevagram, where he conceptualised and implemented art education of the Nayee Talim programme. Influenced both by Gandhiji and Rabindranath Tagore, he has elaborated the technique of art teaching in a natural and beautiful manner. The book also gives an understanding about those children who may develop into artists later in life.

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