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Talks to Teachers on Psychology: And to Students on Some of Life's Ideals [153 KB]
William James
William James laid the foundation for much of the work on education psychology and philosophy that emerged in later years. Published in 1899, the book forms the substance of public lectures delivered to teachers and hence has consciously tried to keep jargon to the minimum.

The Power of Purpose [176 KB]
Winning essays of the 2004 competition
In day-to-day life, we encounter men and women who seem driven by something outside of themselves, whose commitment to their profession or volunteer activities, their community, or their cause seems to rise above the necessary, above the possible, above even the human. Here is a compilation of 19 truly inspiring essays portraying the power of purpose. Purpose is certainly a subject worthy of study by parents, teachers, and everyone else who affect the lives of the next generation.
Source: http://www.templeton.org/powerofpurpose/index.html

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