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School, Society, The Future [6.58MB]
The IDAC team
Prepared for parents, teachers and pupils, the document is a sequel of sorts to DANGER, SCHOOL! we have seen that the Western world's model of school education, which is supposed to offer equal chances to all, in fact merely reproduces the inequalities between social classes. We have seen that our school education, which we had expected to bring emancipation and enfranchisement, is in fact merely an experience of dependency. But we have seen, too, that the school - like society, of which it is only one mechanism among many is in process of changing. IDAC is a non-profit collective based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

The Hot Seat - The volunteer in the development debate [4.11MB]
The IDAC team
Prepared by members of the IDAC team, the document sparks off a debate about the very idea of development and progress. In a lucid but hard hitting argument, the authors question the notions that we have been brought up to accept as a norm. At the same time, they encourage us to question. IDAC is a non-profit collective based in Geneva, Switzerland.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Thoughts on Education [192 KB]
Vinoba Bhave
Vinobha Bhave, the champion of the Bhoodan movement, in this collection of talks and writings, has explained his views on Nai Talim, a new outlook to education proposed by Mahatma Gandhi. As Vinoba says, "Nai Talim is so broad and far-reaching an idea that every form of service to India is included in it.........Those who practise it can only give to others as much vision as they have themselves seen. You should not attach too much importance to the guidance of other people, but should use your own minds. After all, we who have made this plan are only children in experience. It is true that we have reached a new starting point, a new point of view, but our own education was the old kind of education. So that we are a sort of hybrid monster, like Narasimham, who was neither wholly beast nor wholly man. … We like him are monstrous creatures, for our education is in the old ways and our thoughts are in the new.” Year after year, iteration after iteration, our attempts at education continue to be like the Narasimha avatar, degenerating into tinkering at best. The lack of courage to make the leap has lost us generations of young minds, and perhaps the nation that Gandhi and Vinoba dreamt for us.

Adventures in Education [330 MB]
Willem van der Eyken and Barry Turner
Willem van der Eyken and Barry Turner tell the stories of some of the pioneers who fought against the odds, to inject fresh ideas into the educational system in the twentieth century. In the five adventures, we come across ideas we take for granted now a days. The first story is an innovation about giving children the freedom to choose what they learn and how. Supported by luminaries like Jean Piaget of Geneva, J. B. S. Haldane, G. E. Moore and Professor Percy Nunn, this was also perhaps the first time that careful observations were documented about children’s play and their urge to learn – observations that helped develop further the area of child psychology. The second story sows the seeds of a great revolution, whose vision was an education system by the people for the people, at a time when the schools were in the hands of an autocracy. The third story is about the recognition of the child as an artist and the consequent inclusion of Arts and Crafts in the schoolwork. The fourth is about going back to nature while the last is the story of a man who set forth from within the system, to revitalise education.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

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