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A School Under Trees [242 KB]
Raghu Babu
The Srujana School situated in Pallipadu, Andra Pradesh is an Ashram school that has evolved its own curriculum. The teacher, Raghu Babu presents an account of the school, in particular the strategies employed in the teaching-learning process. What strikes us most is the passion and convictions which drive this teacher. Raghu Babu opens his heart out, leading us through his exploration of the joys and tribulations of children’s experience and learning. His clarity of thought as far as children and teaching is concerned is profound.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Education for Being – A Report on Experiences in an Active School [330 KB]
Rebeca Wild
The new kind of school described in this book lays the emphasis on two little understood yet highly significant facts: on the one hand the individual nature of the child with its as yet undeveloped abilities, and on the other hand the crass reality of the future society into which the child will go - a reality about which no teacher or learning can possibly impart a fair picture. This book underlines the relationship between these two elements in a practical way, showing how we prepare our children for the future, not by giving them more and more contemporary knowledge, but by a strengthening of all their natural inborn powers. We then see how these powers lead the child naturally from within, into its own process of development.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Trashcan Kids [80KB]
Richard Benedict
The author describes the lives and life conditions of a batch of students of an Enterprise High School. The educational programme was designed to keep potential dropouts in school and here students spent one-half of their school day operating businesses that they own, and from which they profit. The grist from most of these classes is the reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, and teamwork requirements associated with successfully operating businesses and learning to manage an independent life. The author believes that students success in the school and later on in life is a product of certain learning conditions that Enterprise High School embodies — namely, that teachers genuinely care about students; that the curriculum is life-cantered and moves from meaningful activities to the composite pieces of learning called lessons; and that staff and students are provided time for and an opportunity to resolve the problems that emerge in the school.
Source: http://www.ascd.org

Joy of Making Indian Toys [724KB]
Sudarshan Khanna
This is a simple activity book meant for children as well as adults. Children make and play while adults help and guide. The 101- hand-made toys documented inside are the playthings made even today in various corners of India and at practically no cost at all. Besides providing hours of fun, this activity book helps to instil confidence by enabling children to create their own toys with their own skill and ingenuity. It is not surprising that such small, ordinary playthings have something to do with design, science and technology too!
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

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