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Downloadable books

The Story of Astronomy [2 MB]
Uday Patil
This is an extremely captivating book on astronomy. Written in a comic book style, the book traces the laborious path mankind has taken to unravel the mysteries of the universe.
Contributed by Arvind Gupta

Participatory Science Exhibits [427 KB]
Vikram A.Sarabhai Community Science Centre, Ahmedabad
A set of do-it-yourself experiments and exhibits. These participatory exhibits are very important for schools as they provide a simple low cost method of generating student interest in science and mathematics and teach them problem solving.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

To Know a Fly [448KB]
Vincent G. Dethier
The author is not merely an outstanding researcher but also has the gift of clear communication. His main interest is in the behavior of a fly. This outstanding book does not merely explain how one sets about the task of learning how a fly works; it also shows the research worker enjoying his work. It shows him pursuing with absorbing interest the problems that present themselves in his work. It explains why the scientist, because of his eager curiosity, at times appears childish to others. But most important, it shows that the scientist, in spite of being, perhaps, a little possessed, and at times somewhat childish, is fundamentally no different from other people with a calling in life.

Energy and Self-Reliance [1 MB]
Yona Friedman
This simple picture manual could be very effectively used by school children for undertaking projects and tackling real Energy and Environmental issues. Issues like Environment and Energy are too precious, to be left to the mercy of experts. We all have a stake in the environment, specially children.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

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