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Downloadable books

Wee Gillis [Kannada] [591 KB]
Munro Leaf; Translated by K G Rajalakshmi
This is a story of a young boy who discovers how his training helps him do what he likes best.

A Little Old Man [Kannada] [638 KB]
Natalie Norton; Translated by K G Rajalakshmi
There was this little old man who lived all by himself on a tiny island. Though he worked and kept himself busy, the loneliness saddens him and he longs for a companion. Illustrations : Will Huntington; Redrawn : Jyoti Hiremath

The Little Rabbit [Kannada] [829KB]
Robert Kraus; Translated by K G Rajalakshmi
This is the story of a rabbit, a teeny weeny one, called the littlest rabbit. The story explores the world around by comparing things big and small. It also traces the anxiety littlest rabbit has and the difficulty it faces on being small.

I Was Walking Down The Road [Kannada] [1.44 MB]
Sarah E.Barchas; Translated by K G Rajalakshmi
Another book for young children. Repeated usage of sentences with the same structure makes the book a good resource for language teaching. Moreover, the storyline is in itself well worth exploring with children. Illustrations by Jack Kent.

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