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Downloadable books

A set of 19 Illustrated Books [5.6 MB]
Aruna Thakkar and Rao Bel, Kannada translation by Leela Garadi
This is a set of 19 very well illustrated booklets for children. Originally published by UNICEF in Marathi, the booklets are authored by Aruna Thakkar and Rao Bel and depict the true world of children their thoughts and desires. The books are translated into Hindi by Arvind Gupta and into Kannada by Leela Garadi. The titles are Big People; Soap; On The Round About; Bus; Open The Door; Roti; Police; Throwing Ball; That Baby; I Am Flying A Kite; Banana Cart; Mother's Sari; Train; The Girl Climbs Up; Running Fast, Father I Want; Little Things.
Contributed by Arvind Gupta

Thumbprints [1.72MB]
Arvind Gupta
"Thumbprints" is a collection of simple and exquisite pictures that can be drawn using ones thumbprints.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Hot on the Scent [1.32 MB]
Bente Bech and Peter Lind
This picture book is a worthy example of how a picture is worth much more than words. The wordless book is an excellent resource to be used with very young children.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

Free Fall [956 KB]
David Wiesner
This is a wordless book describing a magical dream adventure of a young boy. As a classic example of fantasy and adventure, the book presents strange locales and unusual characters, which keep the action moving and the pages turning.
Contributed by: Arvind Gupta

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