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Vidya Online

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Vidya Online Charitable Trust

As a part of our ongoing efforts to constructively intervene in the school system, we catalyse a process of introspection, leading to renewal of energies, evolution of benchmarks and promote quality improvements in education. To this end, we offer:

provide advisory services to
  • individuals, particularly teachers and parents with issues related to education and upbringing of children
  • teachers with their classroom planning, organisation, teaching learning resources, classroom management and evaluation
provide consultancy services to
  • schools to design curricula, plan and set up resources, evaluate and advise on classroom processes, build capacities in teaching-learning, school management, and evaluation
  • schools to design, plan, set up, implement and evaluate ICT based interventions
  • institutions and organisations to study feasibilities, plan, implement and evaluate school and system level interventions in ICT and ICT enabled teaching learning

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