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Spoonbills are water birds and can easily be identified by their spoon-shaped bills. A pale yellowish brown patch can be seen on their foreneck. These are large white birds with black legs and can be seen in the company of other water birds like egrets, storks, herons, etc. They can be found near water – ponds, lakes, river banks with a good tree cover and can be spotted individually or in flocks.

Spoonbills Their food consists of fish, tadpoles, frogs, aquatic insects and some vegetable matter. The bird rakes up the mud in shallow waters with its spoon shaped bill, disturbing tadpoles, frogs, molluscs, insects and vegetable matter.

Spoonbills acquire a long crest at the back of their neck during the breeding season. Their flight is rather slow, with steady wing beats, neck and legs extended. Flocks fly in V-formation or in diagonal single lines.

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