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Painted Stork

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Painted storks are the most colourful of the stork family. They live in large congregations and can be seen often flying gracefully high overhead in broad circles.

A Painted Stork has long legs and long neck. It has a delicate rose pink about its shoulders and on wings. The wings also have a prominent black pattern. Its heavy yellow bill is slightly decurved near the tip. The face of the Painted Stork is waxy yellow and unfeathered.

Painted Storks spend the day standing patiently or wading leisurely in quest of food which consists mainly of fish and frogs. The strong long yellow bill is immersed in shallow waters, slightly open and swaying from side to side seeking out food.

The nest is a large platform with shallow depression in the middle and lined with leaves, straw, etc. Nests are built on trees standing in or near water.

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