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Redwhiskered Bulbul

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It is easy to spot a Redwhiskered Bulbul because of its black, pointed crest, crimson ‘whiskers’ and a red patch under the root of its tail. (Those familiar with the Redvented Bulbul will immediately notice the difference between the two; the latter having a completely black head with a partial crest.) Otherwise, the Redwhiskered bulbul is brown above and white below with a broken necklace on its breast. The white patch below the whiskers outlined with black is also prominent. The male and female birds are alike and their call sounds joyous and querulous. Their notes are certainly more musical than that of the Redvented Bulbul. However, these two birds are not found in the same habitat usually.

The nesting season is between February and August. The nest is a small neat cup of fine twigs, rootlets, grass, etc. The eggs, 2-4, are pinkish white and profusely blotched with purplish brown or dark-red/maroon. The trusting birds build their nests is bushes, in thatch walls and roofs of huts and don’t seem to be perturbed by human presence, though they are highly protective of their chicks and try clicking their bills to threaten inquisitive onlookers. When they fail to chase away intruders, they squat on the nest covering it up with their wings and hiding the chicks beneath them. They patiently hold on to this posture until the coast is clear! Both sexes share parental duties.

Chicks hatch blind and featherless. The eyes develop in about 4 days and the chick is quite covered with feathers by about 8-9 days. The young bird does not have the crimson whiskers and the colouration under its tail is also paler.

The bird’s food consists of insects, fruits and berries and flower nectar.

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