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Kanak Champa

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Noticeable Features

  1. Broad, almost rounded leaves, wavy at edges
  2. Long khaki buds and white long petaled flower
  3. Large tree; dehiscent 5 angled hard brown capsules can be seen on the tree for most part of the year
Fact File
Distribution in India (wild) Indigenous to the foothills of Himalayas
Type Large evergreen tree; taller than broader
Peak flowering season Late spring
Flower Large white flowers with long narrow petals and golden stamens
Fruit Capsule; hard and long, covered in rough brown hair and divided into five sections. Dehisces to disperse winged seeds, also brown
Leaves Simple; broad with wavy or lobed margins, lobes terminating in a point; Tough and leathery, dark green above and silvery below due to dense clothing of down. Young leaves have rusty-brown coloured downy covering
Bark Grey or grey-brown; becomes rough and cracked with age
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