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Reading text


Reading for meaning is an important skill. One way to develop this skill is to allow children to guess or anticipate words in order to complete the sentence.


Guess words from a given context.


Distribute books among children so that each child has a book he can read easily. Ask children to open the book anywhere, see the right side page. Is there a full stop at the end of this page? If there is, the child must open another page.

Now all children will read the right side page silently. Ask them to stop when they reach the end. Tell them that they must not turn the page.

Ask each child to guess what the next word (on the next page might be). When she has made her guess, ask her to verify. You can let children clap for a correct guess.

When everyone has had a chance and they are now facing the left side page, start again. This time, each child is asked to recall what the last word on the previous page was.

Related Questions

A variation of this activity is to read a paragraph aloud. Read only a part of the last sentence and get the children to guess the remaining part of the sentence.

How successful were your children at guessing words and completing sentences. On what factors did these successes depend?

Adapted from: "The Child's language and the teacher - A handbook", Krishna Kumar, UNICEF.

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