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Recognising the alphabet


Words are formed out of letters. Indian languages also have the ‘matras’. Children need to get familiar with the letters of the alphabet as soon as possible. Children also need to look at the letters in words and begin associating a particular sound with a letter or group of letters.


Recognise the letters of the alphabet.


Divide the alphabet into three parts and write each part in big letters on a long strip of paper. Stick up all three parts on the wall at some distance from each other--at points where all children can see them easily. For a language like Hindi, use a fourth strip for 'matras'.

Now write a word on the blackboard. Ask children to see the letters and signs in this word carefully and identify them in the strips on the wall.

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A variation of the activity would be to list out a set of related words on the blackboard and get children to recognise only those letters or matras that are common to all words. They could also recognise letters and matras that are not common to all words.

Adapted from: "The Child's language and the teacher - A handbook", Krishna Kumar, UNICEF.

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