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Word Problem: Broken Eggs


An egg trader was moving along a road selling eggs. An idler who didn't have much work to do started to get the egg trader into a wordy duel. This grew into a fight and he pulled the basket with eggs and dashed it on the floor. The eggs broke. The trader requested the Panchayat (five member committee) meeting to settle the dispute. This Panchayat asked the trader how many eggs were broken? He gave the following response:

If counted in pairs, one will remain;

If counted in threes, two will remain;

If counted in fours, three will remain;

If counted in fives, four will remain;

If counted in sevens, nothing will remain;


119 eggs. Do you agree?

Source: Numeracy Counts !, Anita Rampal, R Ramanujam and L S Saraswati, N L R C, LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

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