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Word Problem: Milk Vending


A milk vendor had several customers to whom he was selling milk every day. He generally brought milk in big metal pots and measured with traditional standard volume measures and supplied any quantity between one measure to eight measures. One day he forgot to bring in his standard volume measure. The customers also didn't have any clean volume measure for him to use. The capacity of the two metal pots he had were in terms of three measures and five measures. He used these two metal pots and measured milk from one to eight measures. How did he do it?


1 measure = (2x3)-5=1
2 measure = 5-3=2
3 measure = 3=3
4 measure = 2(5-3)=4
5 measure = 5=5
6 measure = 2x3=6
7 measure = 5+(5-3)=7
8 measure = 5+3=8

Source: Numeracy Counts !, Anita Rampal, R Ramanujam and L S Saraswati, N L R C, LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

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