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Word Problem: A Flock of Sparrows


A sparrow was sitting on a branch of a tree. At the time a flock of sparrows was flying above the tree. The sparrow that was sitting called out for the flock of sparrows: Oh! One hundred sparrows!! Where are you going? Come and sit one this tree and take rest and then continue your journey. Hearing this, one of the sparrows from the flock said, "We are not hundred. We, a similar flock like us, one half of that, one half of that and you together will make one hundred". If that is so, how many sparrows were there in the flock that was flying?


36 Sparrows

Source: Numeracy Counts !, Anita Rampal, R Ramanujam and L S Saraswati, N L R C, LBS National Academy of Administration, Mussoorie.

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