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Plants and animals on a tree


Trees provide shelter and home to a variety of animals and other plants. For example, parasitic plants depend on the host tree for both food and support. Some plants use the tree only for support. Likewise, animals also derive lots of benefits from trees. 


To observe the different types of plants and animals on a tree

To understand the interrelations of the different organisms on a tree

To recognise the role of a tree as a home and shelter for different plants and animals 


Choose a well-grown tree in your neighbourhood. Note down the date, month and season of the year. Look for various plants that can be found on the selected tree. For example: lichens, fungus, creepers, epiphytic plants which are plants that fix themselves on trees but make their own food and parasitic plants which fix themselves on trees and also depend on the host tree for food. Make a list and note down their location on the tree. Repeat during other seasons. Observe how these plants grow on the tree. Maintain a record of their growth.


Many animals visit the tree. Make a list of all these visitors. Note down the activity of these visitors on the tree at different times, say, every two hours. Classify the visitors as insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Which part of the day do you find the most visitors? In which season do you find the most visitors? What results will you get if you repeat these observations for trees in different locations; for example near a lake or in the fields or near your school. Do you find visitors at night also? Who are the night visitors?

Some of the trees that can be commonly found are neem, peepul, banyan, eucalyptus, mango, etc. Add to this list, names of other trees in your neighbourhood. Some animals make these trees their permanent home, for example, spiders. Look for other animals that permanently live on the trees you have chosen. Note down the name of the tree and make a list of animals living on it. Which tree has a large number of animals living on it?

[Note: you can use a hand lens to look for small plants and animals. Binoculars can be used if needed] 

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Do small plants also support other plants and animals? How?

Trees benefit animals. How are trees benefited by animals? For example how are trees benefited by spiders? By birds? etc.?

Give examples of animals living on other animals.

Give examples of animals that provide shelter or home to plants.

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