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Using binoculars


Our eyes are not powerful to see very distant stars. Optical instruments are used for this purpose. Binoculars are easily available and can be used to observe stars and planets. It will be very rewarding to observe the rings of Saturn.

DO NOT observe the sun directly or through any instrument which does not have a solar filter. 


To use binoculars to spot more details of the moon and planets.

To use binoculars to see more stars than visible to the unaided eye. 


Choose a bright star in the sky. Look carefully around it and note down what you saw. Now look at the same star through the binoculars. Does it look different? Note down the changes if any?

Look at a planet through the binoculars. Unlike stars, planets don’t twinkle. Can you make out any differences between stars and planets when you look at them through the binoculars? What are they?

Observe the moon through the binoculars. How does it look during full moon? How does it look during its other phases? How does the dark side of the moon look? 

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If you can get a telescope, repeat the observations with it.

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