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Classification of living things


Life exists everywhere around us. Knowing more about living things helps us to know more about their interdependence and how they help or threaten us. We need to carefully observe living things so that we can classify them. The skill of classification rests on the ability to observe and identify characteristics and to compare and contrast. 


Evolve criteria for classifying plants and animals.   


Observe things around you. Classify them into living and non-living things. What rules did you use to classify. Record your classification and rules.

Observe animals around you. You can also look at pictures of animals. Classify them. What rules do you use to classify them? How many animals did you find in each category? Here are some examples of classifications: Big animals and small animals. Those that fly and those that don’t. Those that have 2 legs, 6 legs, 8 legs, etc.

Regroup the animals classified above in some other way. Evolve more rules and in each case find as many animals as you can that fits in each group.

Use more than one rule to classify animals. For example, small animals that have 6 legs and can fly and have black legs.

Similarly make rules to classify plants.

Related Questions

Why do we classify plants and animals?

How have the classification made by you helped you in learning more about plants and animals?

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