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Animals around us


Studying the animal life around us is the first step towards understanding the complex interdependence of life. Animals can be found everywhere. It often comes as a surprise to discover that so many animals live around us. 


Identify the rich variety of animal life in your neighbourhood. Identify animals that do not live in your neighbourhood. 


Observe the variety of animals living with us on earth. You can also look at pictures of those that are not found in your neighbourhood. Write the names of these animals and what you liked best in these animals.

Observe animals in and around your house. Where do you find them in the house? Which other animals have you seen in your house? Make a list.

Observe some common birds in your garden. Make a list.

What other animals do you see around you? These could be insects and worms too. Make a list.

What animals live far away from you? Name some of them? 

Related Questions

Use a hand lens and look carefully for animals in the soil, on a tree bark and under it, on the fur of dogs or cats. Do you find any? Try to find out their names.

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