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Bird flight


Birds are lords of the skies. Different birds have different flying styles, which depend on the structure and size of their wings. 


Observe how birds fly and identify the body parts that help birds fly

Realise that birds have varied flying styles. 


Make a list of birds that fly. Make a list of birds that don’t fly. Make a list of birds that prefer to hop or run, but also have the ability to fly. How many of these birds can swim? Are there any birds that cannot fly at all?

Of the birds that fly, classify them into birds that fly high up in the sky, birds that fly very close to the ground. Identify the similarities and differences between these two sets of birds.

Observe how birds take off, fly and land. Based on these observations, devise various classification schemes to classify birds on the basis of their flight.

Make a list of birds that rapidly flap their wings while flying. Make a list of birds that seldom flap their wings while flying.

Collect feathers and make a feather album. Classify the feathers as those that help in flying and those that do not. 

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How do feathers help in flight?

How many different types of feathers does a bird have? Do all feathers help in flight?

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