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Birds in our neighbourhood


Birds are found everywhere. Every neighbourhood has its own species of birds where some birds can be found all round the year while some are visitors at particular times of the year. 


Observe birds in the neighbourhood

Identify birds that can be found all round the year

Identify birds that visit the neighbourhood during some part of the year 


Look for birds in your neighbourhood. By this we mean near your house or school. You can identify an area and restrict your observations to it. How many different types of birds are there in your neighbourhood? Make a list. Make a bird album. Note down as many things as you can about the birds around you. Record them in your album, along with a drawing of the bird. Keep adding more information about them.

Make a list of birds found in your house or garden. Similarly make a list of birds found in certain specific locations in your neighbourhood, for example in or near the pond, in the park, in the play field, etc. How many types of birds are found in all these places?

Make a list of birds that are active at night. Where do you find these birds?

Trees are common resting places for birds Look at the trees in your neighbourhood. Against each tree (if you know the name of the tree, write it down, or else describe them, as for example: short tree; short bushy tree; tall tree but not bushy; etc.) Write down what birds you saw on it. Why do you think they prefer a particular tree? At what time were the trees full of birds? When did you find the least number of birds on the tree? Devise a way of tabulating your observations.

Classify birds according to their size and colour. Devise other classification rules. Also make a note of special features you observe in birds.

Make a list of birds that visit your neighbourhood. Which part of the year do they visit you? 

Related Questions

Where do migratory birds come from and why?

Some birds that are usually found in your neighbourhood may visit some other place during a small part of the year. Find out the names of such birds and where they usually go.

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