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Observing the moon


The moon does not have the same appearance always. It is also not in the same place every evening. The moon’s surface is not smooth. It has many craters. 


To observe moon phases and the moon’s path in the sky.

To compare the moonrise times for an entire month. 


Obtain the Moonrise and Moon set times form the newspaper. Tabulate your readings under the heads – Date; Moonrise time; Moon set time; Moon phase. For the Moon phase, draw sketches of the moon as it appear in the sky. From your observation what can you infer about the moonrise or set timings? How does this vary with the phase of the moon? 

Related Questions

On any given day when the moon is seen in the sky, observe its path. Does it match the path of the sun? How will you find out?

Which direction does the crescent of the moon point? During the first quarter? During the last quarter?

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