Vidya Online is Ten

Looking back, dreaming up a web based support system at a time when internet was still out of reach of the education community and setting a goal of catalysing a partnership for teachers, children and education, appeared almost reckless. Day after day, month after month, we would watch the statistics - each small jump would spark us into a frenzy of action. As internet reach improved, teachers, parents and activists joined in, in larger numbers. Today, looking back, we can surely say, we were not off track.

Not only do we have a variety of web initiatives today, supporting a variety of technologies, and claiming larger and larger dedicated visitorship today, internet has reached schools, homes, and work places, enabling wider participation in issues of education.

Reliving the dream of setting up a meaningful partnership, catalysing the processes of introspection, critical appraisal and discussion on education, we rededicate ourselves to this initiative.

We wish to thank all our members, all our visitors, and all our contributors for recognising this effort and for continuing to motivate us.

Why a website for Primary Education?

The major challenges facing education have been: getting children to school, retaining them there and seeing to it that children receive meaningful and relevant education. Much needs to be done in all these areas. Convinced that internet and web based technologies can be a very useful and apt tool, Vidya Online has committed itself to the use and popularisation of ICT for education. This website is a step in this direction.

Realising that teachers, researchers and general public are the three most important instruments of change in education, Vidya Online aims at building up comprehensive sections to cater to their requirements and to network them for mutual help and support. The object is to nurture a cooperative effort of teachers, teacher educators, academics and concerned individuals and groups.

The site offers curricular support materials, books in digital form, help and discussion forums, e-courses and guidance to conduct classroom research.